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How did a good tender come out?
Nowadays, no matter how big or small the project is, it is necessary to invite tenders. For many enemies who have begun to contact the bidding, how to make an excellent bidding is becoming more and more important.
1. Obtaining Bidding Documents
This is usually an indirect purchase of bidding documents, or download bidding documents online. This need is to pay attention to the ordinary indirect purchase of tender documents, it is necessary to request an electronic version of the document on the spot, many initially bidding enemies, do not know the importance of electronic version of documents, wasted a lot of time in the manufacture of tenders.
2. Manufacturing tenders
Bidding documents are generally divided into business part and technical part.
Manufacture of Bidding for Business Section
1. Most of the time is very short (less than 10 days) from the time when the tender is received to the time when the tender is delivered. The first time to get the tender is to look through it all and mark the information supplied by the third party in demand. The earliest time to prepare this kind of information is because the information in this respect needs the supply of other organizations such as banks and the time of demand. Such as: the credit certificate supplied by the Bank of enterprise account opening, financial audit report, tax certificate, etc.
2. Mark the important points touched on in the tender, such as project title, deadline of tender, address of tender submission, and so on, so that the tender can be manufactured at the organizational time.
3. Before formally manufacturing the tender, outline and list the chapters in detail. The tender is provided with format attachments, which can be indirectly copied for use in the past. For example, the format of negotiation bidding letter, quotation letter, authorized letter of legal representative, after-sale service wish, etc.
4. Documents of qualifications: company and product qualifications. Put the right place in the document. Such as: company business license, tax cancellation certificate, organization code certificate, and other product certificates.
5. Fill in the total quotation and sub-quotation form, and fill in the business departure form.
6. List typical cases and supply supporting documents.
Manufacture of local tenders for skills:
1. Look at the technical parameters of the tender and make the technical deviation table.
2. Make point-to-point response to the project requirements in the tender.
3. Make technical plan according to the project requirement of tender.
4. Refer to the technical training, implementation, after-sales and other contents in the tender.
5. typesetting: adjust font size, font size, format, stage, heading classification, check mistyping, punctuation, etc.
3. Encapsulation and delivery of tenders
Encapsulate the tender as required in the tender, such as several copies and original copies. Can you supply electronic U-disk or CD-ROM? Print in the printing shop, and print and encapsulate in strict accordance with the binding method required by the tender documents. This requirement pays attention to thinking about different editions of WORD, after the approval of the tender, into PDF documents, so that the printing time will not present errors. Initially, after checking and encapsulating correctly according to the requirements, it is necessary to pay attention to the sealing method. There is already an enemy bidding. When submitting the tender, because the tender is too thick, the field file bags are damaged, the tender documents fall out, and the documents are indirectly rejected at the site. Bidding is a skill, so it is necessary to consider one-sided talent to lay a solid foundation for winning the bid smoothly.
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