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投标前,请充分了解招标文件。 普通公司通常销售和发送相关的招标文件,有些招标文件可能长达几十页或几百页。 我们必须仔细阅读招标文件,了解招标内容。 要掌握处理的细节,我们的投标必须首先强调文本的内容,提高水平。 对于自我宣称的仪器,文本的水平是非常有能力测试单位的水平。 因此,我们必须严格使用词汇。 这本书是整个招标活动中更重要的部分。 出价就像剧本,是电影或戏剧的灵魂。

Please fully understand the bidding documents before bidding. Ordinary companies usually sell and send related bidding documents, some of which may be dozens or hundreds of pages long. We must read the bidding documents carefully to understand the bidding content. In order to master the details of handling, our bidding must first emphasize the content of the text and improve the level. For self declared instruments, the level of text is very capable of testing the level of the unit. Therefore, we must use vocabulary strictly. This book is the most important part of the whole bidding activity. Bidding is like a script, the soul of a movie or play.
投标书必须毫无遗漏地表达使用者的全部意愿。 投标书也是投标者准备投标书的基础。 投标者必须实质性地回应标书内容,否则将被视为无效标书(视为弃标)。
The tender must express all the wishes of users without omission. The tender is also the basis for the tenderer to prepare the tender. The bidder must respond substantially to the contents of the bid, otherwise it will be considered as an invalid bid (as a bid rejection).
招标文件签字取得后,要认真研究招标文件,熟悉招标文件的内容和相关要求,注意招标文件的时间安排,并按要求进行处理。 工程项目有现场勘察、问答等事项的,按照有关要求参与处理; 按照要求编制招标文件时,应当注意招标文件的内容,并在招标文件上签名、盖章,不得遗漏; 工程技术招标是隐性招标的,应当按照有关要求编制。
After the bidding document is signed and obtained, it is necessary to carefully study the bidding document, be familiar with the contents and relevant requirements of the bidding document, pay attention to the schedule of the bidding document, and deal with it as required. If there are on-site investigation, Q & A and other matters in the project, participate in the handling according to the relevant requirements; when preparing the bidding documents according to the requirements, pay attention to the contents of the bidding documents, and sign and seal the bidding documents without omission; if the engineering technology bidding is implicit, it shall be prepared according to the relevant requirements.
对封面、字体和内容都有严格的要求,没有必要添加到蛋糕上。 注意性能要求和投标承诺,这是很容易得分和容易忽视。 例如,如果你是一个制造商,你的对手是一个交易者,等等。 成本核算后,你必须详细。 经过分析,你的利润空间是多少? 你的对手的空间将被多收费,以作出估计,然后作出一个报价。 不要认为这段引文只是一张纸和一份数据。 事实上,还有很多问题需要研究。 (当然,如果你的出价已经被包围,你只是不能做好使用)在,你可以附上你的公司,项目名称的个情况下,你会发现有很多情况下,不要把这么多,使用一些典型的。
There are strict requirements for cover, font and content, so it is unnecessary to add them to the cake. Pay attention to performance requirements and bid commitments, which are easy to score and easy to ignore. For example, if you are a manufacturer, your opponent is a trader, and so on. After costing, you have to be detailed. After analysis, what is your profit margin? Your opponent's space will be overcharged to make an estimate and then make a quote. Don't think this quote is just a piece of paper and a piece of data. In fact, there are still many problems to be studied. (of course, if your bid has been surrounded, you just can't use it well) at the end, you can attach your company, project name in the first case, you will find that there are many cases, don't put so much, use some typical ones.
财务可行性主要从项目和投资者的角度,设计合理的财务方案,从企业融资的角度进行资本预算,评价项目的财务盈利能力,做出投资决策,从主体(企业)的角度评价股东的投资收益、现金流量计划和债务偿付能力。 组织可行性: 制定合理的项目实施时间表,设计合理的组织机构,选拔有经验的管理人员,建立良好的合作关系,制定合适的培训计划,确保项目的顺利实施。在互联网飞速发展的时代,我们不需要到处寻找项目报告和文案公司。 我们只需要通过互联网联系公司进行咨询。
Financial feasibility mainly from the perspective of the project and investors, design a reasonable financial plan, carry out capital budget from the perspective of enterprise financing, evaluate the financial profitability of the project, make investment decisions, and evaluate the investment income, cash flow plan and debt solvency of shareholders from the perspective of the main body (Enterprise). Organizational feasibility: make a reasonable project implementation schedule, design a reasonable organizational structure, select experienced management personnel, establish a good cooperative relationship, develop a suitable training plan, and ensure the smooth implementation of the project. In the era of rapid development of the Internet, we don't need to look everywhere for project reports and copywriting companies. We only need to contact the company through the Internet for consultation.
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