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  First of all, the professional agent should look at the bidding documents, when to make the deposit, if there is any need for the original (remind if there is an original), if there is any unclear content in the bidding documents, you can call the bidding agency to ask about it, and then see if all the information mentioned in the bidding documents is incomplete, if there is any need to open a certificate in the province, etc Preparation work, then you print out the format of the tender, fill in the relevant information, and put in the business license, qualification certificate and other pictures as required. When quoting, we should also pay attention to the ceiling price, etc., all of which have been filled in, go back to check, pay attention to the typesetting, date, see the scoring standard, what will lead to the rejection of the bid, those will be scored, try to meet the requirements, make sure there is no problem, print it out, check again, see if there is any requirement for packaging, whether it is necessary to print page numbers, catalogue, and whether it is necessary to make small tabs page by page, To make a small signature, first make a small signature, then copy it, and then seal it (note the requirements, generally every page of the official seal should be sealed (except for the hidden bid). It is better to add a legal person seal to the bid letter and bid opening list. For other items, it is not necessary to cover the legal person seal to see the specific requirements, and then bind and pack it according to the requirements of the bid inviter. It's necessary to stamp the package clearly. Finally, it's better to check it again for the person who asks for the bid
  1. The general tender is divided into commercial and technical parts. Some tender documents have special requirements, which can be divided into qualification volume, case volume and picture volume. The commercial part includes the bidding document, bidding schedule, bidding quotation, project implementation plan, after-sales service commitment and authorization. The qualification volume includes enterprise profile, enterprise qualification, agency qualification, enterprise audit report (generally three years), bank credit certificate and project personnel qualification. The case volume generally includes the list of projects in recent years and the introduction of typical project cases according to the requirements of the bidding document. According to the requirements, some pictures of the project can be bound into a volume, which is convenient for experts to evaluate bids and increase impression scores.
  2. The number of bids shall be determined according to the number of experts, and there are specific requirements in the general bidding document. One original and several copies shall be indicated on the cover.
  3. Sealing of bids. The cover and side of the tender shall be stamped with red seal. Each page of the original commercial volume of the tender shall be stamped with a red seal, and the duplicate shall be directly copied. The seal, cover and seam of the outer package of the tender shall be stamped.
  4. The general kraft paper package of the tender shall be tight, with as few gaps as possible, so as to be beautiful and generous.
  5. Pay attention to whether the bidding unit has special requirements. Different bidding units have different formats and typesetting requirements, such as the composition, sequence, etc. of the bidding documents. Therefore, the first thing we should do before bidding is to carefully read the bidding documents of the bidding unit, which is also the basis for the evaluation and scoring of the bid, so that we can understand the format of the bidding documents, In the bid evaluation, you can also know where to make representations with the judges and the basis for questions.
  Technical part; technical part 1. Construction deployment; 2. Layout plan of construction site; 3. Construction scheme; 4. Construction technical measures; 9. Construction organization and construction schedule (including division of construction section, arrangement of main process and labor force as well as composition of construction management organization or project management department); 6. Allocation of construction machinery and equipment; 7. Quality assurance measures; 8. Construction period assurance measures; 10. Safety construction measures 10. Civilized construction measures 11. Time of overall tender; In fact, we don't pay much attention to time input at ordinary times. The main thing is to be within the specified time before bidding, but the problem is when the old and the new are replaced, such as the notice of bidding at the beginning of January 2011. Then many times, we will look for the previous format to make the bidding document, and then change the date of the month, so our bidding document becomes Last year. So the next time a colleague makes a bid at the time of replacement, make sure to remind him that this yea