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—— "Notice for Bidding" should not be mistaken.
"Notice for Bidding" is a written explanation of detailed matters needing attention that the tenderer reminds the tenderer to be comprehensive and correct in the tender. It can be said to be the "five Zang organs" of the tender. For example, a bidder will understand "nearly three years" as "recent years". The "record of successful business" is understood as "record of successful development of internal institutions", which makes the bidding document violate the "notice of bidding" and become a piece of waste paper.
—— "Essential Request" should not be omitted.
Government Procurement Law, Bidding and Bidding Law and Management Method of Bidding and Bidding for Goods and Services Purchased by the Government are all rules: Bidding documents should respond to the essential requests and conditions put forward by the bidding documents. This means that the tenderer only needs to omit one of the essential requests in the tender documents and fail to respond, which will become an invalid tender. If a bidding document rules, bidders must have five conditions. If tenderer E omits the response to the request that "if the tendered goods have operation permit, the tenderer must have operation permit of the goods", and tenderer F omits the response to the request that "the tenderer must obtain the authorized document of the invested equipment consumption enterprise" in the tender, tenderer E and tenderer F will be eliminated because of "omission". 。
—— "Important parts" should not be ignored.
Bidding letters, project implementation plans, technical measures and after-sales service commitments are all important parts of the invitation to tender, as well as the detailed performance of whether bidders can have competitive strength. If bidders do not pay attention to these "important parts" and do not stop expressing them carefully, thoroughly and satisfactorily, they will lose points in business, technology and reputation tenders, and eventually fall short of the list. For example, if the tenderer does not pay attention to writing the "bid letter", he will not fully reflect the company's "value" in the "bid letter", can not fully express the company's performance, and even the important awards to be won (provincial, municipal, Luban awards, etc.) and the large and important projects to be built are not elaborated in the "bid letter", so that the company can not fully express the bidding project. Focus on level and sincerity. For example, some bidders do not pay attention to "technical measures" and ignore the detailed introduction of the resumes, performance and the title of excellent equipment to be used in the project, which results in low scores and out of the market.
—— "Small project" is not careless.
When making tenders, some projects are very small and easy to do, but a little carelessness will affect the overall situation and lead to total loss.
These small projects are mainly:
(1) The bid invitation is not sealed in accordance with the relevant requests of the bid invitation documents;
(2) If not all of the signatures of legal persons or authorized persons are affixed, such as not affixed to each page of the invitation to tender, not affixed to all the important consolidated tender prices, or not affixed to the letter of request for authorization in the invitation to tender;
(3) The title of the tenderer's unit or the name of the legal person is inconsistent with the cancellation of the licence;
(4) failing to fill in the statutory registration address in the tender;
(5) The tender bond is not paid within the prescribed time;
_The appendix materials of the invitation to bid are incomplete, such as missing pages of design drawings, missing items in relevant forms, etc. The handwriting of the invitation to bid is incorrect and can not be recognized;
(5) Binding of tenders is not uniform, or there is no catalogue, no page number, or the document material is reversed before and after binding.
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