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1. Intervene in engineering bidding in advance by means of skill support, and abandon bidding automatically when mastery is not enough.
It should be said that accompanying bidding is a very normal phenomenon in the bidding process of the project, which has spent a lot of time and money, but found that the project has already been established, and that it has only acted as a accompanying person, which just reflects the cruelty of the market competition. It requires engineers to continuously improve the quality of products and services together, and make more in-depth contact with customers, not only to participate in the bidding process. Real long-term and stable customer contact should be built up by long-term accumulation. At the beginning of the project demand, the customer can automatically understand the specific requirements of the customer, provide technical support and help to set skills plans, etc., so as to participate in the customer's pre-preparation work, and get in touch with the customer well. The customer's plan and skills requirements are more or less referred to the engineer's plan. The possibility of becoming an accompanying bidder in public bidding is much less.
On the other hand, even if the customer is still satisfied with the system and products of other competitors, you also know some news. You can reflect on the inadequacy of your homework or the lack of your own system and products. You can also decide as soon as possible whether to participate in the tender or not to become a companion. However, if we always participate in the project bidding, we have lagged far behind in the contact with customers, the understanding of information and the preparation of work. How can we compete with those who have already intervened in advance to make good contacts? Naturally, we simply become the accompanying figures. On the other hand, every engineer has his own key area, which is impossible to attack all. When he meets the tender in a relatively weak area, he intervenes too short to win the bid, he should automatically abandon the bidding to participate in these projects, so as to avoid becoming the target of the accompanying bid. If every project wants to catch, he will only pick up sesame seeds and lose watermelon.
2. Understanding the situation of bidding companies and participating bidding companies, reading bidding documents carefully to avoid falling into traps and participating in bidding without documentary documents.
Bidding is a common method of project procurement at present. Based on the principles of openness, fairness and fairness, it provides a reasonable platform for many competitors to show their strength. But in the security profession, this fair competition method is stepping into a "strange circle" step by step. The main manifestations are as follows:
1. Competitive enterprises falsely report the functions of their products to the next best, while experts hired by bidding units fail to keep a good check, or fail to thoroughly understand the intentions of bidders and make mistakes in bid evaluation. Let some seemingly low-priced enterprises win the bid. As a result, after the implementation of the project, the acceptance of the project can not be completed. Or the winning enterprises make the acceptance of the project pass through by pulling contact, but the quality and function of the project are far from meeting the user's requirements.
2. The Tendering Company or Party A is unable to compile the tender, and after finding some engineers to compile the tender. Enterprises compiling tenders compile all kinds of requirements which are beneficial to themselves and set up "traps" in the tenders, which lead to the misunderstanding of tenders of other bidding enterprises, and the quotation is too high and the bidding price falls.
3. Tendering companies, Party A and bidding enterprises collude and cooperate in a form of public bidding, deliberately using various pretexts to let competitors out.
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